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Boudoir :: Fine Art


Few things are as alluring as the human body. How many hundreds of millions of photographs of people do we have? Why are we so driven to look at our own species?

We can say it is entirely genetics, and we might be right. But I want to believe there is something more at work, something metaphysical. When we see each other, we are reminded of friends, lovers, enemies and strangers. Sometimes all in one person.

Our visible moods, our posture, the clothes we choose, our hair; these tell a story. Do they always tell the story we intend to? Most of the time, probably not. And that is why we need each other for feedback, and for memory. We need the eyes of others to show us how beautiful we are. We must love ourselves first. But we must also learn how others see us, and how they love us.

At the risk of sounding a bit pandering, I honestly can say that each of us deserves a beautiful reminder of how others saw us.


A light-hearted, elegant, relaxing photo shoot.



Sensual and suggestive, and not necessarily nude, sultry adult photography is a fascinating niche as old as photography itself.

Popular occasions people book boudoir sessions: pre-wedding gift, weight loss celebration, Valentine's day, surprise for a special someone overseas, or simply for yourself.

For Professionals

If you are a dancer, fitness or yoga instructor, or otherwise physically engaged in your day job, you can benefit from showing off all your hard work. Actors may wish to book headshot-only sessions, or go for a full-body portfolio update.

Fine Art

It takes a special kind of person with a special kind of vision, and a love of photography, to engage in these abitious works. Contact me and let's see if our ideas meet up.


Your happiness matters.


Step 1:

Start with a rough idea of what you want. Contact us. Explore ideas. Decide on a service. Book a time and place.

Step 2:
Show Up

Easy enough, right? Bring your phone or music player. We'll keep you relaxed, refreshed and respected.

Step 3:
Receive Pictures

After the shoot, your photographer will keep in touch with you to let you know how the post-production work is coming along. When it's ready, you will receive a private, password-protected gallery link. This usually takes less than one week.



Prices are approximate. All packages come with basic post-processing and access to order prints.

Bronze: One wardrobe change, two hour booking, approximately 12 photos. $1300.

Gold: Up to three wardrobe changes, on-site set designer (female), up to three hour booking. Approximately 24 photos, $1900.

Platinum: Up to five wardrobe changes, make-up artist (if requested), on-site set designer (female), full day booking, detailed retouching (blemish removal, skin softening, wrinkle reduction, thinning, sculpting). Approximately 30 photos, $2700.


Know someone who might be interested? For every completed booking, you receive 10% of the paid booking price.

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